Review: Elac Uni-Fi BS U5 vs. KEF LS50

Elac Uni Fi BS U5 Wit Review: Elac Uni-Fi BS U5 vs. KEF LS50Dat de Elac Uni-Fi een groot succes is in zijn prijsklasse dat was al bekend. Nu heeft de Elac Uni-Fi BS U5 tegenover de KEF LS50 gezet.


“Which is better? Revolver or Sgt. Pepper? DSOtM or Wish You Were Here? Kid A or OK Computer? The ELAC U5 or KEF’s LS50? These two loudspeakers are sufficiently close in in performance – but for different reasons – that when judged as a complete package it’s almost impossible to call out a clear cut winner. Neither speaker lands a knock-out punch on its rival. In the ring then, a draw. I could easily live with either model and not miss the other.

The upshot? Judged on value quotient alone, the ELAC U5 come out streets ahead. And that is one mighty achievement that deserves a KO of its own!”

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